Real Food Real Local



Support local business.

Bringing your business to local farmers, chefs, and retailers keeps your investments circulating in your immediate community, creating jobs, businesses, and other assets. Increasing a region’s social and economic capital expands the local economy and creates employment opportunities for future generations. Buying from family farms, unique restaurants, and independent shops helps to preserve rural livelihoods, creative dreams, and opportunity for small scale entrepreneurship. 

1Local travels less.

Supporting local food growers, producers, and enterprises increases the health and wealth of our neighbors and communities, while significantly decreasing the number of miles your food travels from farm to table, and consequently your carbon footprint. Less shipping means less pollution.

3Taste what fresh means.

Local farmers grow produce varieties that are bred for taste and freshness, rather than shipping and long shelf life, and they harvest produce just as it’s ready to eat. These groceries will last longer in the fridge. Restaurants cooking with these local ingredients are sure to serve tasty, fresh dishes from unique recipes.

2Know how it grows.

Knowing where your food comes from and how it is grown or raised lets you choose safe food from farmers who are more likely to avoid or reduce their use of chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified seed in their operations.

4Celebrate regional culture.

A thriving local food scene can stimulate festivals, food tourism, and unique sense of place. Celebrate the rich heritage of farming and cooking in Appalachia!


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