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Local Food Week


The First Annual Licking County Local Food Week is sponsored by the Licking County 30 Mile Meal, a project of the Licking County Local Food Council: a coalition of local producers, buyers, and consumer advocates focusing on promoting the local food economy.

“We have found the 30 Mile Meal brand to be extremely successful in promoting local economic development and improving the bottom line for local producers, processors, and businesses,” stated Natalie Woodroofe of the Athens 30 Mile Meal Project.  “We’ve also witnessed the development of new food-related businesses and jobs which is vital to our local economy.”

Leading up and throughout Local Food Week, a social media campaign asking “What’s on your plate?” will encourage families to share photos of local produce and products on their plate, out on the town, and at home.  Local Food Week itself will highlight 30 Mile Meal partners – restaurants, bars, and businesses who feature local products.

“We will be working with restaurants across the county to help them source ingredients from local farmers,” stated Michelle Newman Brady, a Council member and organizer of Local Food Week.  “We will then promote the many creative ‘30 Mile Meal’ menu items during Local Food Week and beyond. We hope this event forms long lasting connections between diners, farmers, and retailers.”

“Local Food Week and the 30 Mile Meal will provide a great umbrella identity for growers like myself to connect with a broader array of potential buyers,” stated Erin Harvey of The Kale Yard, a small urban farm that sells produce primarily through the Granville Farmers Market.   “There is a lot of potential local buying power, but it requires a level of organization beyond any one farmer or any one restaurant chef.  Local Food Week will help create the type of local food infrastructure needed to facilitate institutional and restaurant purchasing, plus further the goal of economic development in and around Licking County.”

In preparation for Local Food Week, the Licking County Local Food Council hosted a “meet-and-greet” event for local growers, food producers, restaurateurs, and chefs to build relationships and develop partnerships while discussing the economic potential of the 30 Mile Meal’s joint branding and promotional efforts. The event was held on Monday, June 30, 2014 at 6:30pm at the Homestead Beer Company, 811 Irving Wick Drive W., Heath, OH.  The event was sponsored by Sanfillipo Produce and featured free food from the Mai Chau food truck.  Homestead Beer was enjoyed by all, too! If you missed the event, no problem – we would still love to have you participate in Local Food Week!

Would  your restaurant like to participate in the First Annual Licking County Local Food Week?  Register your establishment by filling out the form here: http://tinyurl.com/mfgdpqt  A food council representative will be in touch with you soon!