Licking County's 30 Mile Meal | Licking County OH

Licking County’s 30 Mile Meal

What is the 30 Mile Meal?

The 30 Mile Meal is a locavore branding initiative that unites growers, producers, servers, and sellers under one exclusive identity in order to signal and promote truly local food. Any food business can participate, so long as it makes or uses food or ingredients from within 30 miles of Licking County. The 30 Mile Meal campaign is a response to what is happening both nationally and locally. Consumer demand for locally grown food is expected to rise from an estimated $4 billion in 2002 to as much as $9 billion by 2012. Consumers are more aware than ever before of the importance of sustainable local food — for the health of their families as well as for the health of the planet.

Licking County: The Heart of Ohio

Licking County had the opportunity to be one of the very first communities to adopt the expanded Athens 30-Mile Meal brand. The Licking County Local Food Council launched the Licking County 30 Mile Meal branding campaign in January 2013. Our 30 Mile Meal region encompasses not only this county, but stretches into the surrounding counties that make up Central and East Central Ohio.  The 30 Mile Meal initiative highlights the burgeoning local food culture that is taking root in Licking County and beyond.  From local farmers and producers, to breweries and restaurants, entrepreneurs, residents, and visitors alike are supporting locally grown and produced products.  The 30 Mile Meal is what helps make the connection from farm to fork, market to menu, and chef to shelf.

In 2010, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission, funded by the Columbus Foundation, conducted a Central Ohio Local Food Assessment and Plan.  Licking County is considered an economic development “hot spot” located just on the eastern border of Franklin County in growing Central Ohio.  There is great potential to develop our capacity for local food production and capitalize on our proximity to the Columbus metropolitan area and its potential for visitors and tourism.

If you want to be a 30 Mile Meal participant business or farm please fill out our participant request form.

Check It Out

Please explore the site to learn more about our efforts and communities.  Click on the “Local Food Map” tab to search for our local food partners, the “Events” tab for opportunities to meet and interact with program initiatives, and read our “Blog” to get in depth information about local foods issues.

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